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A Castle of Sand by Bella Forrest (A Shade of Vampire #3)

A Castle of Sand (A Shade of Vampire, #3)
Read in: July, 2013
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Star Rating: 4
The Author sent me a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. This has in no way altered my opinion of the novel or the following review. 

Sofia has never been this endangered, especially with Gregor Novak back in town and with the rumors that Borys Maslen's baby vampire could be..her mother. Not to mention, her year is up and she has two choices, become a vampire or live in the Catacombs with the rest of the humans on the island. With her sand castle being threatened by the rising tide, will Sofia be able to save her life, retain Derek's love, and eventually rebuild? 

Oh, Sofia Sofia Sofia. Sweetheart, please stop with the "Does he love me? Yes, of course. Wait, no. Well duh yes.. Oh wait nope, definitely not, nope." You've been doing this for three novels now, he's still around, he cares, he likes you, its pretty obvious, move on to a new problem. Its not like you don't have a million to choose from! 

Once again, we are all shocked by the turn of events. When starting the novel, I was kind of like, well where could this possibly be going? I'm ready for the action, bring on the drama, let it all hit the fan! Well, let me tell you what, it delivers about mid way through. Just hang it tight though. While this wasn't my favorite, it definitely had the most suspenseful ending, like hello, slap in the face, I for sure didn't see it coming. (Although it did crush my little dream of them being together forever. :c) But now I need to know how they solve this little problem!!! 

Four stars. Not my favorite, but I freaking love this series. I need need need to know what happens next. 

Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4: Book Blogger Challenge!

Blogger Challenge Teaser

So as much as I love challenges, I do admit that I can get kind of sidetracked and well, forget about them. So today, I'm playing catch up!

Day 2: What's your bedtime reading schedule?
Usually, it starts around 10. I get cozy, flip my light on, and grab my iPad or the current paper back I'm glued to and snuggle down. I turn my phone on silent and avoid any text message for about an hour to an hour and a half. Reading helps me unwind and calm my mind before going to sleep.

Day 3: Who are your blogging BFFs?
I don't really have any! So I'll go ahead and talk about a couple that I've had the pleasure of a conversation with!

  1. Harman  @ Little Bookworm Reviews:  She's my co-mod at Teen Romance at Goodreads, and I love love love her blog. From the theme to the writing style, she's definitely my blogging idol. 
  2. Laetitia @ Flurried Thoughts Called Book Reviews: She's a total sweetheart with a knack for reviewing. I've interviewed her here
Day 4: What's the last book you flung across the room? (hey look, we've caught up!) 
Oh man, definitely Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I've noticed its either a you love it or you hate it kind of book and unfortunately, I fall into the latter. You can read my review of this detestable not so good novel here. But the long story short is, I felt it was majorly lacking and the girl, Hannah, was ridiculous on so many levels. Teen suicide, depression, and anxiety are all extremely real problems and I felt the book was just a mockery of these issues.

Monday, July 8, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1

Blogger Challenge Teaser

So the lovely lady over at has come out with the most fun blogger challenge!
If some of you follow my personal tumblr, you all know I never pass up a moment to talk about myself or participate in a new challenge! (if you don't, feel free to check me out!
So, here's the line up..

Day 1: Make 15 Book Related Confessions
(because we all need to get a few things off of our chests)

  1. My family read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss to me so many times, I memorized it. When people would come over, I'd "read" them the book, cover to cover, and be this amazing reading three year old. 
  2. I actually really liked the Twilight series and still read all four of them every Christmas break.
  3. It makes me really sad that my boyfriend doesn't like to read but he'll still go to book stores and libraries with me. c: 
  4. I judge books by their covers, sorry not sorry.
  5. Lately, I've had a hard time sitting down and reading a book.
  6. Its been a while since a book has seriously stuck with me and made me think about it. 
  7. I like to review, but I'm so lazy with it. 
  8. I prefer second hand books instead of new ones, they have more history and tell more of a story. 
  9. I keep downloading these free ebooks that just keep stacking up. 
  10. My dropbox is my prized possession because it houses so many ebooks right now.
  11. I can think of only two friends who share my love of reading, but only one who loves ebooks as much as I do.
  12. I live right down the road from a library, but rarely go. (probably because of that huge fine I have?!!?)
  13. I have a bad habit of not returning books, but that really bites me in the butt thanks to fines. 
  14. I prefer to listen to music while reading.(yay for Pandora for iPad!!)
  15. The number one book that I could read forever would be either My Red Shoes by Liana Merrill or any book by Haywood Smith(I love any book set in the South!)
Well, see you tomorrow, comment down below with a link to your own Book Confessions! 
Ali. ♥

P.S: Want to read the Confessions that inspired me to get in on the challenge? Go visit Harman at Little Bookworm Reviews!

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To Sin With a Viking by Michelle Willingham

To Sin with a Viking (Forbidden Vikings, #1)
Read in: July, 2013
Format: eBook
Star Rating: 3
Netgalley sent me an ARC of the novel to review and offer my own opinion and honest review. My review can be used for press and will be sent off to the publishing house. 

Styr, a Viking, is ambushed when he sets foot onto land and is taken captive by none other than Caragh o'Brannen while his wife, ship and crew are taken hostage by her younger brother, Branden. Styr will teach Caragh to fish, hunt for crabs, and eventually, to love again. 

Better cover art, Harlequin, but when a big issue was arising, I wasn't as attached to it as I would've liked. I would rather skim through the issue and get to a better part. The whole "forbidden love" thing between Caragh and Styr was off-putting, especially since its because she's the other woman and they develop these feelings for one another. Cheating just really doesn't sit well with me. 

Well, glad to see there was a slight variation in the usual she gets into trouble, the hero saves her while still resisting the urge to fall in love, and then they live happily ever after. I admit, these two do live happily ever after but with a few bumps in the road beforehand. 

Another three stars. The slight variation from the regular pattern that Harlequin follows gave it an extra point, but I just can't seem to get into the idea of Caragh taking Styr from his wife. Yeah, they weren't in love, but h should have never even initiated any kind of contact, no matter how "in love" he was falling with her. 

Lost to the Desert Warrior by Sarah Morgan

Lost to the Desert Warrior
Read in: July, 2012
Format: eBook
Star Rating: 3
Netgalley sent me an ARC of the novel to review and offer my own opinion and honest review. My review can be used for press and will be sent off to the publishing house. 

Layla, princess of Tazkhan, is running for her life from an arranged marriage to her hateful fathers successor. Sheikh Raz Al Zahki is the rightful air to the throne and wants nothing more than to bring down Layla's betrothed..even if it means marrying her himself. Over the next two weeks, you'll watch these two learn to trust one another, face more than a few dangerous situations, and eventually, fall in love. 

That cover has so little imagination, it was probably slapped together within 20 minutes. Harlequin, I thought you were trying to revamp your look?? More than a few anachronism's in Layla's speech were out there, especially with how sheltered she was supposed to be. 

As much as that cover sucks, we all know this is the reason we read Harlequin romance novels. So we can read about a ridiculous setting, the heroine and hero fall in love, they go through a few hurdles, the heroine distances herself because she "feels as though he'll never love her", blah blah blah. At least, this is why I keep coming back. Something new with this heroine, I actually really liked her! Layla was sensible, brave, and caring. She had her annoying qualities, but those really didn't make an appearance. Her smart thinking and overcoming her fears really saved the day. It felt kind of like an Aesop tale..except not for kids. 

Shaky three. I enjoy Harlequin but this novel is like the 14,000 other harlequins out there. No real pizazz but I'd like to see what happens with Yasmin and Salem! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guest Post: The Inspiration for The Georgia Corbins and Death of a Waterfall By Kara Leigh Miller

My husband had turned on one of those all music all the time channels on cable. I don’t remember what song was playing, but there was a still photograph of a tractor in the middle of a hay field with a man leaning up against it and a women staring at him. As it often does, my mind began to wander and I started asking questions. Why was the man in the field? What’s with the tractor? Why was the woman watching him? Did they know each other? Were they lovers? Friends? Family? What were they doing? Talking? Having an argument? Breaking-up? The longer I stared at that picture, the more questions I had. And I knew there was only one way to get all the answers…I had to tell a story.
But, where the heck did I begin?
Well, I let that picture and my questions have free reign in my brain for the rest of the night, and just as I was getting ready to fall asleep, a scene started to play in my head: a young girl sitting on the roof of her house, staring out across a hay field, watching two shirtless guys loading hay onto a wagon. She was sad, confused, angry, and in love. I knew I'd found my story.
The characters themselves—Ali, Levi, and Tucker—weren't inspired by anyone I know personally. Shelby Blake, the girl who bullies Ali, was loosely based on a girl I knew in high school. Sometimes we were friends, sometimes we weren't, and there were occasions where she threatened me. She really made my life hell at times. Lol.
The town of Haldeen is based very closely on my own hometown of Mexico, New York.

The inspiration for this story is a little harder to pinpoint. This was the first story I had ever written. I had the names Teghan and Donnie in my mind, I knew they were going to fall in love, and she was going to get pregnant. But that's all I knew. I literally just sat down one day and started to type. In the original version, I had them in high school. Then I re-wrote it to make them in college. Then I re-wrote it again to make them older. Then I went back to having them in college. After I finally got all of that worked out I started sending it to a friend of mine, who gave me a lot of great suggestions and this story was born.

Certain aspects of Teghan's character (like being a people pleaser) is all me. Teghan's best friend, Annabelle, is so much like my own best friend it's a little scary. Lol. I didn't do it intentionally, but once I read the story from beginning to end, I noticed it. Alex, Teghan's ex, was inspired by one of my very first boyfriends. And the setting of Hayden Falls and the campus, Hayden Falls University was modeled on SUNY Oswego located in Oswego, NY.
Kara is a mom to 5 (and 3 fur babies), wife to 1, and a writer for all! She's an active member of  CNY Creative Writers Café and the CNY Romance Writers and constantly writing or reading, thinking about writing or reading, and spending time with family. 
You can contact Kara on Goodreads, Facebook, and her Website

The Georgia Corbins by Kara Leigh Miller

The Georgia Corbins
Read in: July, 2013
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Star Rating: 4.5
Buy Here
The Author provided me with a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. This has not changed my opinion of the novel or the following review. 

Ali had been doing alright since the Corbin boy's had left. Of course, she had to considering there were no texts, calls, emails, messages written in the sky. Of course, you can only imagine her shock when who shows up in physics? Levi Corbin. All muscled and cowboy-ed up that is. 
The Corbin's were back in town. 
But what happens when Ali is thrown into a tug of war between Tucker and Levi? 
A whole lot of trouble and angst, of course! 

I can assure you, people from the south do not say y'all and ain't that much. 

Oh man, this was exactly what I was craving! I wanted a great novel set in the south. But not with any college aged kids, but the crazy high schoolers with no responsibilities except to study for tomorrows test and text their best friend. I needed this novel. Trust me, this delivered. 
Meet Ali Phillips, the resident "bad girl" (still not quite sure how she's that bad, but whatever). She doesn't take any crap and has a sass streak a mile long. (we have the same name, twinsies)
Meet Levi Corbin, smart, cute, drives a truck, back muscles. Please deliver him to my doorstep immediately. 
Meet Tucker Corbin, mischevious, black sheep. Eh, he's okay, too. (I imagined him short, so eh)
Ali get's the choice of choosing between these two. My choice is obvious. Her's was not..AND IT TOTALLY MADE SENSE BUT NOT IN THE WAY I WANTED IT TOO. 

This novel totally made my night and I will revolt if there isn't a sequel, okay? Okay. 
Lost .5 points for the excessive use of y'all and ain't. That really isn't how people constantly talk in the South, I promise. 
I'm not joking about the revolt though, I NEED A SEQUEL. 

Death of a Waterfall by Kara Leigh Miller

Death of a Waterfall (Hayden Falls Saga #1)
Read in: June, 2013
Format: eBook, ARC
Source: Author
Star Rating: 2.5
Buy Here
The author sent me the eBook in exchange for my honest review. In no way has this changed my opinion on the novel or the following review. 

Teghan has been waiting for college..for well, ever. She couldn't wait to get out from under her manipulative and controlling father and away from her now ex high school sweetheart, Alex. But what she didn't expect? To get pregnant by her ex-boyfriends room mate, Donny.

Honestly.. everything just felt a little stiff. It was all so he-said she-said. Now, the story had great potential, but it all just fell a little flat. There wasn't anything that would set it apart from the millions of other New Adult books out on the market these days. The ending, yeah, it was something. But when I thought I was supposed to be all into it, gripping the edge of my seat.. I wasn't. Actually, I was more tired of the constant Teghan drama and Donny's clingy-ness. He does come in to save the day at New Years..but eh. I just wasn't feeling it. 

Omigod, that ending. I didn't feel a real twist because we all knew what her dad had done. But the idea of it is certainly something else and I can't quite wrap my head around it. That is the novels one saving grace.

I'll be honest with you. I never expected all that from this slim little PDF file. Never. At times, I wanted to strangle Teghans dad..then Donny.. then Alex. I just have a real issue with controlling people. Okay, personal issues aside, I thought the novel was had great potential but it fell too flat. But will I want to read the sequel to Death of a Waterfall? Uh, yeah. Let's all go watch Donny reach his breaking point. 
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