Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Georgia Corbins by Kara Leigh Miller

The Georgia Corbins
Read in: July, 2013
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Star Rating: 4.5
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The Author provided me with a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. This has not changed my opinion of the novel or the following review. 

Ali had been doing alright since the Corbin boy's had left. Of course, she had to considering there were no texts, calls, emails, messages written in the sky. Of course, you can only imagine her shock when who shows up in physics? Levi Corbin. All muscled and cowboy-ed up that is. 
The Corbin's were back in town. 
But what happens when Ali is thrown into a tug of war between Tucker and Levi? 
A whole lot of trouble and angst, of course! 

I can assure you, people from the south do not say y'all and ain't that much. 

Oh man, this was exactly what I was craving! I wanted a great novel set in the south. But not with any college aged kids, but the crazy high schoolers with no responsibilities except to study for tomorrows test and text their best friend. I needed this novel. Trust me, this delivered. 
Meet Ali Phillips, the resident "bad girl" (still not quite sure how she's that bad, but whatever). She doesn't take any crap and has a sass streak a mile long. (we have the same name, twinsies)
Meet Levi Corbin, smart, cute, drives a truck, back muscles. Please deliver him to my doorstep immediately. 
Meet Tucker Corbin, mischevious, black sheep. Eh, he's okay, too. (I imagined him short, so eh)
Ali get's the choice of choosing between these two. My choice is obvious. Her's was not..AND IT TOTALLY MADE SENSE BUT NOT IN THE WAY I WANTED IT TOO. 

This novel totally made my night and I will revolt if there isn't a sequel, okay? Okay. 
Lost .5 points for the excessive use of y'all and ain't. That really isn't how people constantly talk in the South, I promise. 
I'm not joking about the revolt though, I NEED A SEQUEL. 

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  1. I would have never guessed this book would be so good by the cover or the synopsis. Its a shame that they over use the Y'all and Ain't but least it did not go to far with the "bless your heart" that one drives me crazy.
    Really good review. I think that I might have to have this as one of my summer reads.



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