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YA Rush Hunt: The Georgia Corbins by Kara Leigh Miller

The Georgia Corbins
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The Georgia Corbins is a heart wrenching YA contemporary told from three characters. Ali, the heroine and two brothers, Levi and Tucker. We hope you enjoy this pivotal scene retold from Levi’s point of view.

Levi Corbin

The sound of Cotton Eyed Joe filled the gym. Cass and Kayla both shrieked and tried to pull Ali onto the dance floor. She yanked out of their hands and sauntered up to me. She plucked my cowboy hat from my head and put it on her own before winking at me. I couldn’t help but smile as she joined Cass and Kayla on the dance floor. I’d always enjoyed looking at Ali and watching her, but damn, watching her dance, watching her hips shake, and the smile on her face – it was surreal. She was absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I didn’t know about the other guys, but I definitely enjoyed the show. When the song ended, I grabbed Ali around the waist and spun her around. She laughed and tried to put my hat back on my head.
No,” he said. “It looks better on you.”
I do look sexy, don’t I?” she asked, striking a stupid pose.
I laughed. Her pose was silly, but she could wear a potato sack and look sexy. “You have no idea,” I said, pulling her into my arms again. Her blue eyes twinkled in that way they did when she was happy, and my desire for her tripled. I couldn’t imagine a future without her in it, without the ability to do what I was doing right now: holding her in my arms, looking into her eyes, just being with her.
Thanks, but it doesn’t really match my dress. Plus, I really like how you look wearing it.” She put it back on my head.
Really?” I cocked a brow and slowly brought my mouth to hers.
Before I could kiss her, my brother interrupted. “I reckon I’ll take you up on that dance now,” Tucker said.
I smiled tightly and reluctantly released Ali. Of course Tucker would chose right now to want to dance with Ali. It was hard not to scowl at him or make a snide comment, but I’d promised Ali that tonight would be like old times, that for her sake, Tucker and I would get along. And I was not going to be the one to break that promise to her. So, I stood off to the side and watched as my brother danced with Ali.
I noticed the way he put his hands on Ali’s waist and how she responded by putting her arms around his neck. Tucker said something, and then Ali laughed. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop the jealousy I felt building in my gut. I didn’t like seeing her with him. I didn’t like knowing he could make her smile and laugh like that.
You stare any harder and they’re going to have holes in their backs,” Kayla said.
I glanced at her and smiled. “Can’t help it.” I shrugged and averted my gaze back to Ali and Tucker just in time to see him lean down and kiss Ali’s cheek. I forced myself to take several deep breaths. At least he didn’t kiss her on the lips.
You and Ali look really good together,” Kayla said.
I knew she was trying to distract me, and I was thankful for that. “Thanks. You and Tucker don’t look so bad either.”
Kayla laughed. “That’s real nice, Levi.”
Okay, you look beautiful, and next to you, Tucker doesn’t look all that bad. Is that better?”
She rolled her eyes, but smiled. “You really know how to flatter a girl, don’t you?”
I laughed and bumped her shoulder with mine. “There’s only one girl I want to flatter.”
Yeah, yeah, I know. You better go get her,” Kayla said as the song came to an end.
I winked and made my way toward Ali. I pulled her out of Tucker’s arms and into mine. “My turn.”
Ali glanced at Tucker and gave him a small smile. Despite his best efforts to do otherwise, I caught him sulking off to the other side of the gym. I knew how he felt, but in all fairness, Ali was my date. Toby Keith’s You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This played. Ali looked back at me. This was one of her favorite songs. Talk about a perfect moment. I held her close and brought my lips to her mouth, kissing her softly, kissing her like it’d be the last time I’d ever have the chance, which could very well be the case. Ali threaded her fingers in my hair. I loved it when she did that. It always sent shivers through my body.
She moaned so softly I felt it before I heard it. In that moment I knew, there was something different about this kiss, something special and unique. I released her lips and we stopped moving. I looked down at her, and she up at me, and the emotion I saw in her eyes stole my breath. There was no denying it, and there was no confusion as to what I saw. It was the same emotion I felt right then – love.
Levi,” Ali whispered, running her thumb over my lips.
I closed my eyes and kissed her finger, not wanting the moment to end, not wanting the feelings to evaporate. We started dancing again, and I put my mouth to her ear and sang the lyrics of the song. I knew that she knew the song, but I needed her to know that the words in it expressed exactly how I felt. And then, at the exact right moment, she took my face into her hands and kissed me. We stood there for what felt like hours, just holding onto each other and kissing. I never wanted to let her go. Even when the music stopped, we still stood there, not moving except for our mouths and tongues playing with each other.
Ali.” I took a deep breath. What the heck had just happened? Was it possible? Did Ali just tell me she loved me without saying the words? It sure as hell felt like it. She held my gaze as we both tried to figure out what the other was thinking. I put my palm on her cheek, and she leaned into me, closing her eyes. It was on the tip of my tongue to say it, to just tell her how I felt, to tell her that I loved her and I didn’t ever want to be without her.
But before I had the chance, Cass said, “Can I borrow Ali for a minute?” And then she dragged Ali away from me.
And just like that, the moment was ruined. I stood, staring dumbfounded as Ali left the gym with Cass. Kayla followed behind them. I put my hands on my knees and bent over, trying to catch my breath and gather my thoughts. I’d never felt anything so intense in my life.
Hey, you all right man?” Jimmie Allen asked, patting me on the back.
I straightened. “Yeah, I’m okay. It’s just a little warm in here, don’t ya think?” I nervously fidgeted with my tie in an attempt to loosen it.
I don’t think your body temperature has anything to do with how hot it is in the gym.” Jimmie Allen laughed.
I groaned. If he’d seen what just happened between me and Ali, then chances were good that Tucker had, too. I glanced around the gym looking for him, but I didn’t see him anywhere. Thank goodness for small miracles. A moment later, Ali and the girls returned. She still looked a little flustered, but she appeared to be handling it better than I was. Had I misread what happened? Did I only see what I wanted to see? Did I just imagine that look I’d seen in her eyes? That emotion I’d felt in her kiss?
I know what we should do,” Kayla said, clapping her hands. “All of us should go have a picture taken together. It’ll be fun!”
Shouldn’t we wait for Tucker?” I asked.
Kayla gave me a strange look. “Tucker’s right there.” She pointed to the door in the corner.
Where the heck did he come from? I swore a second ago he hadn’t been there.
Once Tucker rejoined us, everyone agreed and we made our way toward the photographer. It was hard to fit all eight of us into the shot, but we managed with some creative posing. Tucker and I stood in the back with Kayla and Ali in front of us. Brody and Jimmie Allen kneeled on the floor while Cass and Shelby sat on their knees. Just as the photographer snapped the picture, Cass and Shelby each lifted a leg and crossed them in the air. Kayla wasn’t too pleased that they’d “ruined” the picture, but Ali thought it was funny.
After the picture, I took her hand and led her toward the punch table in the hallway. I poured her a cup, and then got myself one. We stood in silence for a moment, both of us sipping at our punch. Then I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to know. “What happened in there, Ali?” I asked.
She met my gaze, and it looked like she wanted to say something, something that could potentially change things between us forever. But, finally, she simply said, “Can’t we just enjoy it?”
I don’t know.” I set my cup on the table, and then took hers and did the same. “Can we do it again?”
Her laughter died as I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her close. She licked my lips. “We can try.” Her voice was a breathless whisper that set my insides on fire.
I smiled. “Next time I kiss you like that, it’ll be when we’re alone.” I wanted there to be no mistake about how I felt, and I was determined that next time we shared a moment like that, it would be when we could explore it – fully and without interruption.
Come on, let’s go dance some more,” she said, taking my hand and pulling me back into the gym.

Rush Hunt Number: 6

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  1. What a great scene. I love The Georgia Corbins and have a massive soft spot for Levi.


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