Sunday, June 30, 2013

The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher

The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher
Read in: June, 2013
Format: ARC e-book
Star Rating: ★★★
Netgalley sent me an ARC of the S-Word to review and offer my own opinion and honest review. My review can be used for press and will be sent off to the publishing house. 

Angie. Kennedy. Jessie. Drake. Lizzie. One slut covered locker..even after death. 
Everyone has a secret. 
Everyone knows what Lizzie did behind Angie's back. 
Everyone knows who targeted her. 
But what really happened? 

Angie finds out the secret Lizzie died keeping. But will she keep it to herself? 

Who really knows what happens in high school? Who knows what's going on in the life of the girl you called anorexic? Or the girl who got pregnant? Do you know? I didn't know what was happening in the halls of her high school. Until Angie uncovered a secret. 
This secret was so huge, it had to be broadcasted and everyone had to be condemned. 
Did she go about this all wrong? Uh, yeah. 

Oh w o w. Angie, who knew. You are a little psychotic. But who isn't..once they've reached the breaking point. 

Four stars. There were more than a few dry spells but the twist is something to hang around for. 

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