Sunday, June 2, 2013

Merch Girl by Rebecca Lewis

 Merch Girl by Rebecca  Lewis
Read in: May,2013
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Star Rating: ★★
The author provided me with a copy of this novel. This has in no way altered my opinion of the novel, along with the following review. If you have any question or concerns, please message me here

Lacey Kind is embarking on the summer of a lifetime. After scoring a gig as a Merch Girl for her absolute favorite band, she and her best friend Trina are on the ride of their lives. Even if this summer could involved some hot band members, a jealous ex-best friend, and an obnoxious blogger, Lacey Kind is about to get a whole new education in tours, boys, and the final freedom before college. 

I just didn't feel much spark or chemistry. The romance was keyed down a little too much, that it didn't feel real. I wasn't sucked in. Even when the story was trying to go for crazy roller coaster emotions, I just wasn't feeling it. 

How could you not love Jenna having Karma bite her? Or Logan, with his fleeting sweet moments? 

A low three. I didn't feel a kick or a punch and it just felt like watching from the sidelines of a very bad soap opera. There was no pizzazz or emotion. The story itself wasn't half bad, but maybe with more dialogue and a plot twist, this could have gone over better. 

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