Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In the Band by Jean Haus

In the Band by Jean Haus
Read in: December, 2012
Format: eBook
Source: Borrowed
Star Rating: ★★

When Riley's parents got a divorce, everything changed. Riley had to step up and take care of a house, her little sister, and most of all, give up a great drum line scholarship. Angry and resentful, she takes classes at the local university and agrees to try out for the local band, Luminescent Juliet. But with the guitar player Romeo's crap attitude, the lead singers man whoring ways, and her own mothers spiral into depression, which will be the one thing to lead to her breaking point? 

There were more grammatical errors towards the end which I really couldn't ignore like the few in the beginning. The story does tend to drag on for a bit where nothing really happens and you're suspended in lala land waiting for some action. (oh, did I say action? I meant freaking amazing scenes full of ROMEO.♥♥♥)

Uhm, whoaaa?? Well, between Romeo being added to my short list of book boyfriends (sorry Travis, a lá Beautiful Disaster) and Riley's freak outs, this book has sky rocketed to my favorites list. Yes, that's right, the FAVORITES list. I mean, hello, somehow this novel is only 99 cents, but I'm sure I cried about 3 times. Her dad is a major stick up his butt and only seems to care about himself (no, the whole "love is blind" with the new girlfriend did not redeem him!) and Jaime was not nearly as lovable as the author tried to portray, but Riley and Romeo are a couple with a ton of chemistry. And Ali loves chemistry. 

BTDubs, I want a real life Chloe for a best friend. c:

A brand new favorite for the New Adult shelf! There were no awkward hiccups in the story line, the characters were engaging and charming. Riley was awesome and fearless and Romeo was the perfect piece to her. The ending with the POV of Romeo during her audition was a perfection addition! 

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