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Bastards Brew by Jillian Felix (Family Portrait #3) {Review + Rafflecopter!}

Read in: April, 2014 
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Star Rating: 4 

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When L'Wren's ex-boyfriend Jeff suddenly disappears, she turns to Kevin to help her find him. With one phone call, Kevin makes sure that Jeff stays hidden and that L'Wren's heart is broken, leaving the door open for Kevin to pursue her. But Kevin is not as free as L'Wren thinks; she is in the dark about his affair with her stepmother, Savi. Savi constantly reminds Kevin of his devious ways and uses their secret to keep him as her toyfriend. 

“You don’t deserve to be loved, and you don’t deserve to be happy. You and I are the same … we’re broken inside. Everything we touch, we destroy. We don’t get happily ever after … we don’t get to ride off into the sunset. You know who gets that? L’Wren … she gets it, she gets the guy, and she deserves a decent guy.”- Savi

Kevin desires to be the man that L'Wren deserves, but before he can assume the role of white knight, he brews one last plan to get rid of Savi for good. Will L'Wren, the innocent victim in their twisted game, become a casualty?

Kevin may have sold his body to the devil in stilettos, but he'd be damned if he let her have his heart. 

Suitable for young adult readers 18+

As with all of the Family Matters books, the multiple story lines is a little overwhelming. But now that lines are starting to cross and more and more is being added to each story, the stories are becoming even more memorable. 

The third installment in this fast paced series does not disappoint. For me especially, my interest always starts to wane around the second novel (ex. The City of Bones Series) but I continue to look forward to every email from Gillian asking if I'll give her next book a go. This novel doesn't disappoint and is just as fast paced as the last two. There isn't any room for you to get bored, you're way to caught up in each characters story. I am THRILLED this novel had a focus on Kevin, L'Wren, and Savi. Kevin has been a side character I've been interested in since the first novel, and every chapter and tidbit that was solely his was a gift. To have this book focus more on him was completely needed. But reader be warned, you HAVE to read these novels in a series, these are definitely not stand alones! 

4 STARS. Have to say the third novel of Family Matters delivers and I found this one to pack more of punch than the previous. Can't wait for more from this author! 

About the Author 

I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I enjoy creating characters that could be your next-door neighbor, but would you want them as your neighbor is another story.

Originally from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, I moved to the United States in 1998. Since then I have been involved in the entertainment industry for over ten years.
I am an entrepreneur and advocate for women and children’s rights and I enjoy being in nature and volunteering.

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  1. I bow humbly before you Ali. Thank you. You are a hard woman to please, but I see you have a thing for naughty boys ;-) Yes this book was dedicated to Kevin fans. Glad you didn't give up on the series at book 2, there is lots more fun to come I promise!

    Thanks for having me on your blog. I look forward to sending you the invitation for book 4.



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