Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bookish New Years Resolutions!

So I know its already the middle of January, but better late than never! I had to think long and hard over these, add a few resolutions and delete a few others. But here goes nothing~
These are my top 10 new years resolutions.

  1. Focus more on the blogging and less on the reviewing. I know this seems kind of silly as this is {hello} a REVIEW blog, but there isn't much else to it and I'm hoping to change that this year!
  2. Get more into book tours and weekly memes. This is something I struggle with every year. It always starts out great but ends with me getting busy or completely forgetting. But with the help of this handy little schedule thing that I only just discovered (and recently failed me...) along with a new planner and an awesome new website for the virtual tours, this is something I will change! But help a girl out and send some memes her way. ;)
  3. READ MORE. I've been letting life get in my way and putting more projects and people before doing what I love most, reading. 
  4. Stop downloading books I will never read. It has become a very serious (and expensive) issue. 
  5. Keep better track of the books I've downloaded (and promised to reviewed) because the Kindle list just isn't cutting it anymore (I know, total let down for me, too!)
  6. Broaden my horizons. I've been in this either really great or really awful slump of sticking to mostly New Adult novels because that's really what I've been experiencing in my own life. Starting college, meeting new people, handling the stress of working and finding time to do homework are something I can really connect with. But I feel like every book has the same premises and it has REALLY started grating on my nerves. 
  7. Read a minimum of 2 books a week. I know this is something I will definitely struggle with. I'm busy and let's face it, I barely get time to even shower. But I will work with myself to make the time to sit down and read. I know if I stick to it, I'll be calmer and less stressed, it's just finding the time that has been getting more and more difficult! 
  8. Improve my writing style. I hope to be more personable and be able to explain more about the novel that I both liked and disliked about it. I feel as though sometimes I'm not getting my point across and that has been a real issue weighing on my mind. 
  9. Read more books because I want to, not because I have to. Let's face it, we all agree to review some books we didn't quite think through. I am one of those people. I sit down and I'll get about halfway through before realizing I don't care for the book. I'm just reading it because I have to. I need to either change my way of thinking or learn to say no. 
  10. Go to the library more. And pay off that fine, it's not going away... 
I'm looking forward to this new year and to all of exciting things to come! What are some of your (very late) bookish resolutions? 

Happy 2014 everyone! 


  1. What a great blog, thanks for sharing and great giveaways!

  2. Great resolutions and awesome blog!!!

  3. Great blog and I love the name. Congrats on your

  4. I am sorry, I guess I should have finished typing above. Congratulations on your nomination and hoping you win.


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