Sunday, April 7, 2013

Discovering Pride (The Pride #2) by Jill Sanders

Discovering Pride (The Pride #2)
Read in: April, 2013
Format: eBook
Source: Bought during a Promotion 
Star Rating: 

The Run Down: 
Lacey Jordan was a woman who knew what she wanted…and she wanted nothing to do with the new doctor in town. He had the perfect smile, perfectly tan muscles, and a way with people—her people. This was her town, her family, and her life. He’d come into town and shaken everything up including her heart.

Aaron was running away from a hard breakup where more then just his heart had been broken. At this point all he wanted to do was take over his grandfather’s medical practice, work on his new house, and turn it into the first place he could call his home. He liked the town of Pride; in fact, he had spent the only good parts of his childhood here. What he hadn't expected was to bump into a fairy goddess, bumping hard enough to get a concussion and have his heart mended at the same time.

Then, the town gets a visit that will change their lives forever, if they can survive.

It was..cute. It definitely wasn't YA or New Age, this is meant for adults! But, there were so many typos and run on sentences! This novel could definitely use an an editor, as I saw more than a few garish typos. It was written in a way that made it seem like it was typed out on an iPhone or iPad, with all of the typos that seemed more like auto-corrects. I would hire a more thorough editor, or possibly have more people read the manuscript.

The story line was to the point! I hate waiting around for a novel to pick up. Aaron and Lacey's romance was pretty precious! It was a quick read. 

2.5 stars. I'm glad I picked the book up during a promotion, as I wouldn't have been happy spending money on it. It was quick for a freebie and pretty short, but it lacked the umpf or cuteness factor in a romance. 

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