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Riverboat Landing: A History of the Ocklawaha River Steamboats by Michael C. Mason & Edward A. Mueller

Riverboat Landing: A History of the Ocklawaha River Steamboats
Read in: March, 2013
Format: Paperback
Source: Provided by Author
Star Rating: ★★
The Author provided me a copy of this novel. This has in no way altered or changed my opinion of the book. 


The only history of the Ocklawaha River Steamboats in color, this mastery of the history of the Ocklawaha and the Steamboats that made it famous are in vivid display along with photographs, diagrams, interesting side notes and of course, passages on the history of the owners and operators of the most famous Central Florida steamers.

During the reading, I found that when reading, the boat titles were capitalized instead of italicized. It was a little distracting. 

This book took fifteen years to create. Do you realize that many of my readers weren't even alive 15 years ago? This piece of work is packed with information on the barges, their captains, and of course, the river that carried them. Diagrams and photos of the boats and river are in vivid color and put onto display for everyone, young and old. This is the complete history of all boats that ran the Ocklawaha and Silver Springs River. As a native Floridian, I saw the beauty in the land that I've grown up on. A native Floridian would understand the annoyance of ducking under tree limbs while on a boat ride and the Spanish moss floating on the river. I've heard stories of alligator "hunting" while on the boat rides, which was how many men made their living. The steamboats carried supplies, people, goods, and produce (not to mention mail!) up and down the Ocklawaha. These boats are truly a HUGE part of Central Floridian history. Without them, what would have happened to Marion County? 

Five Stars! This book has so much history packed into 204 pages. You'll follow the river from its early boating days until even the popularity of the Silver Springs Attractions (which is still in operation today!). This book is truly a masterpiece and well worth all of those years. 

About the Author:
Michael C. Mason is a dedicated Lions member with a passion for the Ocklawaha and the riverboats that traveled it. He developed a mobile display unit on the boat and traveled throughout Central Florida displaying the unit while telling stories and showing images & memorobilia with his father. He currently resides in Central Florida. This is his first book. 

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