Monday, November 26, 2012

Cover Reveal, Hanging From the Family Tree: Tobias' Story by Ali Davis

Hello all of my darlings♥

Today I have my very first cover reveal thanks to Alison Davis. She has been SO excellent in allowing me to be one of the select few to help reveal her cover! Personally, I CAN'T WAIT to read her series and much luck to her in the future!
 (that's her)

The cover in question is Hanging From the Family Tree: Tobias' Story (oooh, ominousssss). 

Hanging from the Family Tree: Tobias’ Story, is a Young Adult fiction novel, based in a fictional English coastal town.

Hidden letters from 1812, the British Regency, tell the story of Alexander Ventus, member of a very rich and influential local family. Besotted with a local women, Elizabeth, who is deemed beneath him, he is forced into a marriage with another woman. Distraught she throws herself from a cliff. Followed years later by Alexander, burdened by his guilt.

Alexander Ventus is Tobias’ great, great, grandfather, and there is an alarming likeness to their lives. Tobias’ Story tells of his struggle to find his place in his family and to discover what it truly means to be a Ventus.

Expected publication: December 1, 2012 by 

ANDDD as an added bonus, she added a picture of her series covers together!

Okay my lovelies, click here to purchase  Whispers on the Wind: Ari's Story & here to check up on the availability of Hanging From the Family Tree: Tobias' Story! 

Feel free to comment down below and say what you think about the cover!


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