Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tap Out by Eric Devine

Tap Out
Read in: September, 2012
Format: Ebook
Star Rating: ★★

Seventeen-year-old Tony Antioch lives in Pleasant Meadows, a trailer park where questions aren't asked since everyone already knows the answers from their own experience. He dreams of rescuing his mother from her constant stream of abusive boyfriends but in reality can barely duck the punches that are aimed at himself.

When Tony is coerced into joining his friend Rob's Mixed Martial Arts class, he is surprised to find that he has a talent that he actually wants to develop. But with a meth-dealing biker gang that is hungry for recruits and a vicious cycle of poverty and violence that precedes him, Tony is going to need a lot more than blood and guts to find a way out.

Gritty, powerful, and unapologetic, Tap Out explores what it takes to stay true to oneself and the consequences of the choices made along the way in order to do so.

Ugh. Tony... I hate whiny characters. And this guy is WHINY! He's sitting there degrading himself the whole time, he's locked in this little internal battle with himself. Rob wasn't very well developed. He was just kind of this interchangeable Bro for Tony. Chaz...what do I even say? Who does that!? 

I loved the MMA aspect of this story. The incorporated fight scenes are pretty great. But..that was really the only thing I liked about the book..

3 Stars. A well written, typo-free novel about one boys fight to save himself from the cycle of poverty. Everything stereotypical about a poor boy is found in this novel with teen pregnancy, gangs, drugs, and MMA. Nothing truly magnificent, but a quick read. 

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